Collision Repair

D M Autoworks offers complete automotive collision repair services to our valued customers to help them get back on the road. From repairing minor dents and scrapes, to fender reconstruction and auto painting, we provide an array of services to bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Denting & Painting

We offer a complete car denting and painting service, and promise to restore your cars’ bodywork to an as new condition as when you purchased it from the showroom. Our genuine quality paint will restore your car to its originality. Not only will your car look almost brand new, our team completes your request in a timely manner with a warranty for each service.

Exterior & Interior Detailing

When you car starts to look worn and outdated, we will help it shine like new. Our experts will put an end to your concerns about the worn off paint and swirl marks on your vehicle. Allow us to clean, wax, buff and polish your car’s exterior, and give your interior a deep clean. Your vehicle will be the star of the road.


Make your car new again and repair, replace and customize the upholstery including interior carpets, seats, headliners, convertible tops, dashboards and door panels.

Quick Service

A quick service means a lot more than just checking your car and ensuring the life of your engine. At D M Autoworks we offer a variety of services like oil change, oil filter, air filter, fuel filer, brake fluid tops, battery checks, brake inspection, trye inspection, suspension inspection and other fluid top ups. We also provide other maintenance services to keep your cars on the road and out of the shop.

General Repair

Your car’s clutch and braking system is its single most important vehicle safety feature, including others like steering and suspension performance. We use quality replacement parts for any genuine repair requirement on your vehicle. A test drive, which is part of the standard service will alert us, even if you are not conscious of any dangerous wear and tear.

Air Conditioning

There maybe a lot of reasons why your air conditioning may not be cooling properly. Our expert auto repair mechanics are equipped to check for leaks and repair car air conditioning so you can stay cool. Stop by today for an inspection to get the chill back in your car.

Engine Diagnosis

Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s dashboard for any signs of engine trouble is smart. If you see a light coming on, it’s time to have a certified specialist have a look at your engine systems. At D M Autoworks, we perform complete engine diagnostics and repairs, and know exactly what your vehicle needs.


Whether you drive on newly-laid motorways or dusty city roads, your tyres will feel the brunt of the road’s surface. Maintaining the health of your tyres is an essential part of keeping your vehicle in great condition. Our ranges of tyres vary from budget to high performance, with brands like Michelin, Yokohama, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Dunlop.